Research a Family Members Military Service

Reuschel research

The Official Researcher for The Veterans Breakfast Club.

Researching a family member’s military history can be daunting. Each branch of service has its own language and classifications, and they change from one war to the next. No matter what the obstacles, you can uncover your family’s service history, and I can help you do it.

My expertise is in reconstructing veterans’ service histories by locating local, state, and federal records and then interpreting what we find. In addition to official records, I use family lore and letters and unofficial sources to create as full an account of the family member’s service history as possible.

Whether your family member is still living or died in war—or even if you’re unrelated to the veteran in question–can help. I can coach you to do the work yourself, which is the most rewarding, or take on the research project myself.

Please get in touch for a no cost consultation, and we can go from there.

I’m dedicated to the mission of honoring our nation’s veterans and to helping families learn about their legacies of service and sacrifices. This is much more than just seeking records, this is a journey of honor, respect and healing. In that spirit, I’m partnering with the Veterans Breakfast Club to offer these military records research services.

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