about me

My researching started quite early.  I am adopted and started my quest to find my biological parents when I was in my early teens.   I found them when I was 26, and was very fortunate to be welcomed and loved by both my maternal and paternal biological families.  To this day, that was my longest search.  

I inherited my Grandmother’s appreciation for those that serve.  She was a Gold Star Sister, her brother Raymond was killed in Germany, 14 March 1945.  The year she decided to share his war time letters with me I became obsessed to learn his story and the rest is ‘history.’

My passion for researching the veterans in my family inspired me to get involved with the veterans in my community.  I am a former board member of Honor Flight Pittsburgh and have had the honor to get to know dozens of World War II, Korean War and Vietnam Veterans, I believe they are National Treasures and treat them accordingly.

There is a face behind each record I touch, these are not just historical facts I am digging through, they are people’s lives. I enjoy helping others preserve the memory and honor of their veterans.

You can contact me at reuschelbeth@gmail.com