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Just as every veteran’s story is unique, so too is the research trail that holds its secrets. Some of my clients simply want Morning Reports or Awards Records. Others would like every piece of information that can be found, all compiled into a compelling and detailed narrative. A few even request maps so that they can trace their loved one’s footsteps in Europe, the Pacific, or Vietnam. 
Whatever you’re looking for, we will develop a research plan together over the phone or Zoom first. The consultation is for 30 minutes and costs you nothing. First, I will tell you how you may do the research on your own—again, free of charge. Then, if you decide to hire me to do it, I will suggest one of the services below that best fits your budget and research goals. We can also create a custom package to meet your research needs.

Standard In-Depth Research Package: $295

I will locate and interpret all military service records available for one individual. You will receive digital copies of all located records with a brief overview report. All processing and records fees included.

Veterans History Webpage Package: $695

I will create a custom webpage of your veteran’s service history containing all the photos and records discovered as well as a written narrative and accompanying maps tracing your veteran’s steps through history. You will be able to share this page via email, Facebook, and other social media sites. We can also make it public and include it as part of the Veterans Breakfast Club’s Veterans History Project. We will create an accompanying PDF version, which we will share with you. In addition, for an extra fee, we can have hardcover books created and sent to you and your family.

Custom Curated Veteran’s Tour of Europe, the Pacific, Korea, and Vietnam: $795

Once we have your veteran’s detailed service history, we will design a custom travel itinerary so you can retrace your veteran’s path through war. Partnering with the Veterans Breakfast Club, we will suggest specific lodgings, transportation, dates, and historic sites relevant to your veteran. For an extra fee, we can make the bookings for you and even assign tour guides along the way. Another option could be to travel with a Veterans Breakfast Club Group Tour and divert from the group as needed to see the sights important to you.

Specific Record Retrieval from the National Archives in St. Louis: $50 – $175

  • Official Military Personnel File (OMPF): $175
  • Individual Deceased Personnel File (IDPF): $175
  • Morning Reports: $100
  • Individual Flight Records: $100
  • Award Cards: $50
  • Other Reports: contact me for consultation